Virtual Gastric Band Treatment

Virtual Gastric Band Treatment

gastric bandUsing hypnotherapy you can lose weight by using hypnosis to unconsciously go through the process of fitting a ‘virtual gastric band’. Unlike actual gastric band surgery your body will not have to experience surgery and the associated risks and fears. The therapy works on an unconscious level shifting your current eating patterns to inform you to eat healthy, eat less and exercise more, the process will seem seamless and easy. It is about reframing your mind to think that you are not giving up anything and, in fact, are gaining a lot. The concept is simple and people often get frustrated that they are not able to do it on their own. This is so common in many people of all shapes and sizes. Hypnotherapy just gives you a push in the right direction. Often our emotions get in the way of us losing weight: emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, hurt, guilt, shame, jealousy or sadness. The hypnotherapy will be able to address those emotions, so you are able to live with them, and life’s stresses and strains, with more ease rather than letting them take over your life.

The virtual gastric band is suitable for anyone who would like to lose a healthy amount of weight, including if you are clinically obese. It is always recommended that you consult your General Practitioner when looking into your own personal weight loss. The therapy is usually conducted over 3-6 months and will include five one-hour hypnotherapy sessions. Self-hypnosis will be taught and should be used daily to reinforce the messages. This is a vital part of the therapy to successful weight loss. A follow-up maintenance hypnotherapy session should be booked at six months intervals just to ensure you do not slip into any unwanted and unhealthy eating patterns.

“I suffered with IBS for years to the point that it was controlling my life. Hypnotherapy and counselling with Paula has improved my wellbeing immensly, my IBS symptoms are improving greatly and some have disappeared altogether. Paula has also helped me manage my stress and anxiety which were contributing to my symptoms. IBS now does not dictate my life and I am a much happier and more relaxed person. Paula is very warm and easy to talk to, I could not recommend her more.”

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