Clinical Hypnotherapy Specialism

Clinical Hypnotherapy Specialism

Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS) – Gut directed hypnotherapy

IBSEvidence suggests that hypnotherapy is a highly effective treatment for irritable bowel disorders (IBS). IBS affect around eight million or 12% of the British population . The symptoms of IBS include diarrhoea and or constipation, pain and bloating, the condition can seriously affect the sufferer’s quality of life.The treatment involves the patient learning to control their symptoms through muscular and mental deep relaxation and individual adapted hypnotic suggestions to either focus on the symptoms or to distract from them. Clients are asked to practise their self hypnotic skills regularly at home in between sessions. Research has found improvement after hypnotherapy on IBS symptoms severity, quality of life, cognitive function and anxiety. Hypnosis is recommended in the NHS National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Health (NICE, 2008).

Peter Whorwell, Professor of medicine and Gastroenterology in the school of medicine and director of the South Manchester functional bowel Service, has discovered a way to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) using hypnotherapy. His  treatment has a success rate of about 70%. ‘ IBS is ideal for treatment with hypnosis, as there is no structural damage to the body’ Professor Whorwell explained. ‘During the  hypnotherapy, sufferers learn how to influence and gain control of their gut function, and then seem to be able to change the way the brain modulates their gut activity.(Whorwell 2005) See article

I closely follow the protocol that Professor Whorwell has developed.Depending on the severity of the symptoms and the cause, up to 12 one-hour clinical hypnotherapy sessions are usually sufficient to show significant improvements to the symptoms of IBS and the quality of your life. A reduced hypnotherapy fee will be applied to IBS clients as this treatment requires longer intervention than most hypnotherapy interventions. ( £100 per hour session instead of £175).

It is always recommended you consult with your local General Practitioner (GP) for a formal diagnosis and to discuss your treatment options. Usually a course of medication is prescribed, if medication is unsuccessful alternative options will be explored. According to NHS guidelines a ‘Referral for psychological interventions (cognitive behavioural therapy [CBT], hypnotherapy and/or psychological therapy) should be considered for people with IBS who do not respond to pharmacological treatments after 12 months and who develop a continuing symptom profile (described as refractory IBS).’ [NICE,2008].

D Valori, of Gloucestershire Royal Hospital he began referring IBS patients for the hypnotherapy in the early 1990’s and found it to be highly effective. He said ‘to be frank I have never looked back.’ and ‘It is pretty clear to me that it has an amazing effect’ Dr Roland Valori, editor of Frontline Gastroenterology.

Please go to the resources page for further advise, evidence and articles on the effective use of hypnotherapy to reduce the painful symptoms of IBS.

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